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Roses have always been a great choice to show your love to someone you care about! What better way to declare your love than to offer a beautiful bouquet of roses? Sadly, these flowers will fade with time...

We have a great gift idea for you: the Eternal Rose Teddy Bear. This cute teddy bear is entirely made of soft synthetic roses. It's an elegant and original way to declare your eternal love.

After all, don't we want that kind of love to last forever?



Trust us! Everyone loves our new Eternal Rose Teddy Bear, because each bear has a different color with a specific meaning:

• Red roses symbolize love and passion;
• White roses symbolize purity and innocence;
• Pink roses symbolize tenderness and gratitude;

Our Eternal Rose Teddy Bear is THE perfect gift to express your love! Every person who receives our teddy bear made of everlasting roses will enjoy it forever.


We believe that a relationship is important to celebrate, because we never know what might happen tomorrow. That's why we can only offer unique bears to celebrate unique relationships!

Our team works very hard to offer you the highest quality teddy bear made of roses.

All our teddy bears are carefully made by hand by our skilled craftsmen. They only work with the best materials available on the market. Each synthetic rose is checked before it is fitted to guarantee a smooth finish and to add a touch of refinement to your home.

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